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The below topics will provide you with navigational assistance in your Blackboard classroom. Click on a link to learn more.

New For 2015

Classroom Overview

My Blackboard Global Navigation

Getting to Know the My Home Page and Accessing Your Classroom

How to Check Your Grades and Retrieve a Graded Assignment

How to Navigate in Your Classroom

How to Participate in a Discussion

How to Send Email in Your Classroom

How to Submit an Assignment

Turnitin Tutorial

When and How to Use the Contact the Instructor Area

Additional Step-by-Step Guides


Troubleshooting FAQ 
   Blackboard Update Overview 2015
   Viewing Videos
   Copying and Pasting Into Discussion Board
   Updating Your Student Profile
   Navigating Your Discussion Board
   Managing Your Email

POP3 Guides
For more information on how to enable POP
for your WaldenU.edu email in your
preferred email platform, please visit
this link.